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A simple internet content sieve

You can grab the html of a website, but what if you are only interested in a small part of the content of the website? Use a sieve!

Adding a face to an AI

Update 02/12/2014: I made a slightly better version using graphics that implement a little bit of the actual mouth movements (see here for code): So for a face, I thought I would try making some sort of realtime voice animating system. I made a very very simple one in python. Here is an example of […]

Speech To Text (STT)

The STT is pretty simple as it consists of three steps: activation, acquisition, and translation. Activation can be accomplished via a “key press” but I much rather use voice activation. Assuming you live in a normally quiet atmosphere, it is perfectly practical (and easy) to calculate the root mean square noise (RMS) and activate upon […]

Choice of coding language: Python

Given an Linux environment, there are many choices of a coding language. I would normally choose of the following (ordered according to my favorite): Perl, Java, C++, PHP, Basic. However, one must keep in mind that the RPi is 700MHz processor with 512MB RAM. Thus, it is not something that I can program from the […]