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A simple internet content sieve

You can grab the html of a website, but what if you are only interested in a small part of the content of the website? Use a sieve!

Cover image for The Archive Literary Journal

Turing Test: Passed, using computer-generated poetry

This is a story of how an artificial intelligence I designed to be able to pass a Turing Test for poetry.

Building an audio repository: playing *any* song with the Raspberry Pi

Want your Raspberry Pi to play any song? It’s easy! Just use Python and Youtube!

Responsive behavior: providing metaknowledge

AI needs some basic calls and responses. Here I go over a couple of the important ones.

Declarative information gathering

Where does a AI get its knowledge? From the internet! Here I show how to connect up to Wikipedia and WolframAlpha to have access to incredible amounts of knowledge!

Threading Cortical Elements

The Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a lot of processing power. How do we assign intensive tasks like audio/visual systems? Here’s a simple howto on just that.

Adding a face to an AI

Update 02/12/2014: I made a slightly better version using graphics that implement a little bit of the actual mouth movements (see here for code): So for a face, I thought I would try making some sort of realtime voice animating system. I made a very very simple one in python. Here is an example of […]

Introduction and hardware

Here is the list of my hardware components (as of 02/05/14): Raspberry Pi ModelĀ  Raspberry Pi Camera USB microphone CM19A RF Transceiver 8GB SD Card USB 2.0 10-port Hub USB WIFI adaptor Computer speakers HDMI cable (optional) And here is the explanation: I will be using a Raspberry Pi Model B for the “computer” and […]