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  1. What are your opinions on using the Alamode or other interfaces between the arduino and raspberry pi?

    1. I think its probably personal preference…I have a lot of Arduinos (I bought a bunch when they were on sale) and I have a USB hub, so I can easily plug them into the Raspberry Pi. I haven’t yet tried using more than one Arduino, but I might yet in the future. The Arduino to me is a really simple, cheap, all-in-one electronics box. Sometimes I use them as RF receives, sometimes as multiplexers, its super easy since you can just program them. However if I ever build some sort of product in the future the Alamode would be the way to go. Do you use one?

  2. No but I have been meaning to, I recently got into robotics and the possible interface between the raspberry pi’s computing ability and the arduinos own abilities might make in an interesting combination.

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