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Turing Test: Passed, using computer-generated poetry

This is a story of how an artificial intelligence I designed to be able to pass a Turing Test for poetry.

Developing a motion sensing network: trials and errors

I compare the current state of home automation – the simplicity, cost, and power of things on the market – and then I determine whether its worth building a new type of device.

A stochastic method for transmitting and receiving simultaneous signals over a single band

What happens if you want to use multiple transmitters and recievers on the same radio frequency band? Here’s an idea I had that might help.

Coding: Obfuscation vs Elegance

There is a joy in being opaque and mysterious because it makes you seem smart and cool for knowing something that nobody knows. Programming in high-level languages like C and Java don’t really give you the same kind of obfuscioness as programming in Assembly (PIC microcontroller, anyone?). However, for awhile people have been injecting complexity […]