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DIY motion sensor

Complete instructions on how to developer, build, and implement a motion sensor that works just as well but costs less than anything you can buy!

Developing a motion sensing network: trials and errors

I compare the current state of home automation – the simplicity, cost, and power of things on the market – and then I determine whether its worth building a new type of device.

Adding motion sensing using Passive Infrared

Instructions on how to put together a simple motion detection appartus using an infrared sensor and radio frequency communications.

Automation: controlling appliances and lights

As I mentioned in the first post, I am using the CM19A to control some of my X10 Transceiver Modules. This could not be any simpler so let me describe how I do it: Before you plug in the CM19A, simply install mochad. bbx10node has a great blog on how to get it setup. One […]

Introduction and hardware

Here is the list of my hardware components (as of 02/05/14): Raspberry Pi ModelĀ  Raspberry Pi Camera USB microphone CM19A RF Transceiver 8GB SD Card USB 2.0 10-port Hub USB WIFI adaptor Computer speakers HDMI cable (optional) And here is the explanation: I will be using a Raspberry Pi Model B for the “computer” and […]