Monthly Archives: March 2014

DIY motion sensor

Complete instructions on how to developer, build, and implement a motion sensor that works just as well but costs less than anything you can buy!

Developing a motion sensing network: trials and errors

I compare the current state of home automation – the simplicity, cost, and power of things on the market – and then I determine whether its worth building a new type of device.

Home automation using simple Python, JS, Arduino and elementary circuits

A simple home automation setup that uses a Raspberry Pi, some Javascript, some Python, and some simple DIY electronics.

A stochastic method for transmitting and receiving simultaneous signals over a single band

What happens if you want to use multiple transmitters and recievers on the same radio frequency band? Here’s an idea I had that might help.

Building an audio repository: playing *any* song with the Raspberry Pi

Want your Raspberry Pi to play any song? It’s easy! Just use Python and Youtube!

Adding motion sensing using Passive Infrared

Instructions on how to put together a simple motion detection appartus using an infrared sensor and radio frequency communications.

Responsive behavior: providing metaknowledge

AI needs some basic calls and responses. Here I go over a couple of the important ones.