Choice of coding language: Python

Given an Linux environment, there are many choices of a coding language. I would normally choose of the following (ordered according to my favorite): Perl, Java, C++, PHP, Basic. However, one must keep in mind that the RPi is 700MHz processor with 512MB RAM. Thus, it is not something that I can program from the bottom-up because even a simple image recognition program that I could write would tear up the processor (I am too dumb and lazy to write on that is memory efficient). Thus, to alleviate heavy lifting I would turn to online APIs.

Thus, my choice of a programming language is one which has a number of great APIs and wrappers available. Python was presented to me as a great choice, so I went with that. There are many APIs available for Python. However, everything I am about to show could just as easily been done with Java. Also, I had never programmed with Python before so this was going to be a good opportunity for me to learn.


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