Introduction and hardware

Here is the list of my hardware components (as of 02/05/14):

And here is the explanation:

I will be using a Raspberry Pi Model B for the “computer” and using Raspbian linux for the OS. There are plenty of other places that show you how to get started so I am going to skip that here.

For visuals I am using the Raspberry Pi Camera which is nicely mounted in a custom made enclosure.

For audio I am using a simple microphone (this one is nice because it blinks when it is recording and you can turn it off – and it is cheap!).

I already have X10 transcievers and was planning on using my old CM15A until it just up and died almost exactly two years after I bought it. Sidenote: X10 is terrible about helping to fix these things and a replacement is not cheap to find, so avoid X10 if you can. Since I am stuck using X10 I decided to get the cheap CM19A USB RF transceiver which works well although I can’t use power line codes with it. Note – if you want cheap X10 stuff, check out eBay.


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